About Us

SLIM TLC has a long, storied history, spanning over 20 years.  Without going into all the sordid details of how it came about, suffice it to say that the goals of the various permutations were always to design the most effective, yet livable, long-term lifestyle and weight management program ever devised.  The most recent permutation was called SHIELD MLC, for which a trademark was applied.  It was an acronym for SHort-term, Intermittent, Early-afternoon, Low-Dose (appetite suppressant, i.e., phentermine) with Mandatory Lifestyle Changes.  Its goal was to provide folks with that small boost for which they were looking (with the healthier twist), while they tried to learn and turn healthier lifestyle changes into a habit.  However, when it was realized that the Early-afternoon administration of the stimulant caused too many issues with falling asleep at night, it was changed to Mid-day administration.  In addition, “Mandatory” was too strong, and needed to be replaced with the more familiar “Therapeutic” Lifestyle Changes.  Of course, both of those changes messed up the whole SHIELD MLC acronym, and we set out to develop a new acronym.  How exciting it was when we realized that the new letters could be rearranged to create “SLIM TLC” (it is a lot more catchy, descriptive, and easy to remember), and even more exciting to find that the domain name and trademark were not taken!  The rest will hopefully make history!