For your patients:  SLIM TLC Fact Sheet and SLIM TLC Initial Patient Packet

Dear Fellow Physician/Provider –

Imagine having an effective, livable, nutritionally- and medically-sound weight loss program available for your patients, in which you may be as involved as much or as little as you desire.  Such is SLIM TLC.  We partner with you by providing all the tools you need to monitor and guide your patients, then we educate and provide them with all the tools they need to make the necessary long-term lifestyle changes, through TLC University.  Leave the bulk of the teaching to us, and participate as much as you can or wish.

SLIM TLC stands perfectly well on its own as a wonderful option to help your patients get started on the road to long-term health and weight loss success.  However, if your patient already has a dietary preference or program he or she is trying to follow but is not succeeding, or you are concerned about the health or long-term sustainability of the diet, simply mold it to SLIM TLC principles (mainly The 4:1 Rule), and the likelihood of success will increase dramatically.  The equation is simple:

Whatever your patient is doing + SLIM TLC = Long-term success

So what’s next?  Recommend SLIM TLC in one of four ways (see The Program and FAQs pages for more information):

  1. Recommend they participate in SLIM TLC Online on their own or with a friend.
  2. Provide additional support, guidance, and accountability through regular office visits, without any prescriptions.
  3. Provide the full SLIM TLC program through your office, including an optional “SLIM” (Short-term, Low-dose, Intermittent, Mid-day) phentermine prescription.
  4. Conduct group SLIM TLC at Work programs (onsite at businesses), with optional “SLIM” prescriptions.

If you choose to provide the program through your office or “at Work,” send us an e-mail with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Medical License Number, and specify whether you wish to do it through your office or “at Work.”  If you are only doing it through your office, we will send you a free SLIM TLC Provider Packet.  This packet contains step-by-step instructions for office implementation, a recommended fee and visit schedule, the SLIM TLC Patient Record, a suggested curriculum for the sessions, a summary of the TLC University classes (along with answer keys to the quizzes), more about the SLIM TLC program, and additional tools for patient success.  The only cost to you is the sign-up fee for SLIM TLC Online, required so you may become fully familiar with SLIM TLC principles and TLC University.  If you indicate that you wish to conduct “at Work” programs, we will contact you for an interview and to discuss training and other details.

Thank you for joining the charge.  Together we can turn the tide.

Douglas M. Cluff, M.D.