SLIM TLC at Work!

Now available in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Texas area:  SLIM TLC at Work!

Stem the rising costs of health care by making the SLIM TLC program available to your employees.  If you are an employee and wish to see SLIM TLC at Work!, ask your employer to visit this site!

If you do not live in the DFW area, but would like to see SLIM TLC at Work! in your company, please e-mail us (or if you have, know, or are a licensed physician who would like to conduct SLIM TLC at Work! programs in your area).

How do we get started, and what is the timeline for meetings?

Contact us via e-mail us to let us know you are interested in visiting with a SLIM TLC representative.  Groups must consist of at least 12 participants.  Once we receive a Medical Clearance Form signed by each participant’s physician, participants will need to keep a Food and Exercise Log (found in the SLIM TLC Initial Patient Packet) for the full week prior to the initial SLIM TLC meeting.  There are a total of 12 meetings, spread over six months (weekly for four weeks, then biweekly for three months, then monthly for two months).  After that, we make monthly follow-up phone calls for another six months.  Quarterly meetings may also be set up indefinitely if desired (for an extra fee).

How much does SLIM TLC at Work cost?

The full 12-month course as outlined above costs $250 per person, which we recommend splitting between the employer and employee (e.g., 75/25 or 50/50).  This fee includes a lifetime membership to SLIM TLC Online.  The only other cost included in the program is the optional phentermine prescription, which will be the responsibility of the participant (costs depend on one’s insurance and the pharmacy used; they should be quite low, i.e., <$20/month, since phentermine is generic and participants receive only ten 37.5 mg tablets/month, which are broken in half).  There are no other costs (e.g., special food or supplements) associated with SLIM TLC.