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Welcome to SLIM TLC Online!  For less than the cost of a single copay, we provide you with the missing pieces to your weight loss puzzle.  The online format of a website, which is dynamic (not static), allows us the luxury of adding, editing, and updating content regularly as we see fit.  In addition, every year we make a comprehensive review of all content and revise as needed.  It’s like getting a new updated edition every year, for no extra cost!

We invite you to REGISTER FOR A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for the introductory price of only $19.99!  (2.5% of all proceeds go to help fund Project 20Teen!)

Benefits of SLIM TLC Online

  1. TLC University

    Teaches crucial principles of healthy living through simple, but powerful, written “classes” or lessons that are updated regularly

  2. The SLIM TLC Program Materials

    Facilitates a partnership with your personal physician/provider, although it can be done alone or with a friend; includes tracking and goal-setting tools, a “Design-Your-Own Diet Using The 4:1 Rule” special feature, a wonderful troubleshooting tool called the SLIM TLC Weekly Worksheet, the SLIM TLC Patient Record, and quizzes from TLC University lessons

  3. The SLIM TLC 7-Phaser

    A helpful guide to identify where you are in your weight loss journey and help you know which direction you should go next.  It may be all you need!

  4. The Troubleshooting Guide*

    Helpful troubleshooting topics that are updated regularly

  5. KidTLC

    Our kids’ healthy lifestyle program – which, by the way, has some valuable, practical lessons for adults to learn healthy habits, too!

It’s not Rocket Science

The beauty and power of SLIM TLC Online is in its practical value and simplicity.  It’s not complicated.  Make sure SLIM TLC has value to you before you sign up.  If you are mainly signing up with the hopes of receiving a SLIM Phentermine prescription, make sure your doctor is willing to prescribe it before you join.  Also, understand that SLIM TLC Online is not (at least not yet):

  1. A support group or forum for discussion with other participants
  2. A comprehensive list of recipes
  3. A calorie-tracking system
  4. A store for buying supplements or vitamins
  5. A comprehensive meal planning tool (however, TLC University has a Meal Planning class)
  6. A source for frequent e-mail blasts (into your inbox)
  7. A source for online webinars or videos
  8. Anything else it doesn’t claim to be

Our desire is to provide you with the tools you are missing that provide true value – not things that provide little value or may even be counterproductive; or are available, usually for free, from a multitude of other sites.

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How to cancel your membership

Visit your Membership Account page and click the “Cancel Membership” link at the lower left.

* Troubleshooting topics are updated regularly and include:

  • – “I’m doing everything right!”
  • – “I must not be eating enough.”
  • – “I hit a plateau!”
  • – “I hurt my knee.”
  • – Morbid obesity
  • – “I never feel full.”
  • – “I don’t have time to exercise.”
  • – “I don’t like to exercise.”
  • – “I quit smoking and gained lots of weight.”
  • – “I am gaining weight like a maniac!”
  • – “I really started gaining after menopause.”
  • – “My weight is supposedly normal but I still don’t like how I look in the mirror.”
  • – “I got sick and lost several pounds.”
  • – Steroid use (i.e., anti-inflammatory steroids)
  • – “The very thought of marriage made me gain weight.”
  • – “I ate right and still gained two pounds since yesterday!”
  • – “I do fine most of the time, but sometimes I just lose it.”
  • – “I do great during the day but just lose it at night.”
  • – Fat and fit
  • – Pregnancy
  • – “I still don’t know what to do!”