Success Stories

Suzanne before and after 40 pounds

“Thanks so much for investing your time and knowledge in my life.” Suzanne

Other successes:

  • • DE lost 25 pounds:  I lost 25 lbs by following the 4-1 Rule; it is very satisfying and healthy, AND, I have kept the weight off by continuing to follow the plan.  I feel so much better and am continuing to lose weight.  You really made a difference in my life and I truly appreciate what you did for us.”
  • • JK lost 17 pounds:  “I appreciate your help in teaching us a new way to look at food and the benefits of eating a healthy diet. Not a diet, but a way of eating foods that are good for you. I definitely saw a change in my numbers for the better in my biometrics. I feel better and hope to continue to lose weight.”
  • • MJ lost 33 pounds

 We want to hear your success stories and how SLIM TLC has improved your health and fitness levels!  Please e-mail us at and share!