The Program

SLIM TLC now has some brick and mortar – under the roof of TLC Family Healthat 2601 Churchill Dr., Ste. 100, Flower Mound, Texas!  Click HERE for a brochure.

If you cannot make it to the above location, we invite you to join SLIM TLC Online (lifetime membership for only $19.99!  2.5% of all proceeds go towards funding Project 20Teen), then choose to participate in one of three ways:

  1. By yourself or with a friend,
  2. Through your health care provider (download the SLIM TLC Initial Patient Packet to take with you to your first visit), who will provide valuable guidance and accountability, without a prescription, or
  3. Through your health care provider, with the help of a low-dose prescription appetite suppressant (phentermine)

No matter which choice you make, the SLIM TLC program will help you find a way to reach your destination while enjoying the journey, through our online TLC University.  For a weight loss program to work long-term, the main lifestyle (eating and exercise) components must be simple and sustainable, and with SLIM TLC they are.  They were developed through years of experience and testing, along with review of the latest nutrition and exercise science – and, thankfully, they are simple enough to be implemented by the grand majority of people.

The degree of health you can achieve with SLIM TLC is phenomenal.  It may surprise you to hear us say this, but there may be other programs which provide an even greater level of health and faster weight loss; however, most people are either unwilling or unable to follow them long-term.  SLIM TLC recommends that you:

  1. Eat at least four healthily-prepared plant- and fatty-fish based foods for every “whatever” food (“The 4:1 Rule“)
  2. Exercise 15 minutes (or more) daily (at least 6 days per week)
  3. For those who desire, take a “SLIM” (short-term, low-dose, intermittent, mid-day dose of an) appetite suppressant
  4. Learn how to make “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” through TLC University (enroll by joining SLIM TLC Online)

Does this work?  Absolutely.  How it works is where the magic comes in.  Click on the links above to learn more.

“I’m already on a diet, but it’s not working (or working well enough)!”

One of the greatest things about SLIM TLC is that if you have specific eating preferences, you do not have to abandon them – instead, think of SLIM TLC as the missing variable:

Whatever you are doing + SLIM TLC = Long-term success!

Whether you prefer low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free, vegetarian, whatever!  Simply add SLIM TLC and your likelihood of success will increase drastically!  See the Where’s Your PS²? page to learn more.

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