TLC University

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Welcome to TLC University, the most important component of SLIM TLC Online.  Here you will learn how to make the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes necessary to achieve your desired weight, health, and fitness goals.  TLC University takes the mystery out of weight loss.  ENROLL NOW.

TLC University includes several lessons or “classes” that will assist you as you work toward your goals.  These classes are presented in the form of written online lessons, containing text and graphics.  This format provides many benefits over printed text/books or audio/video files.  Most importantly, it is dynamic, allowing the classes to be updated and refined regularly.  This is crucial in the ever-changing worlds of nutrition and weight loss.  On the other hand, printed text/books and audio/video files are static, and require that you either purchase new editions or create new audio/video files whenever changes are made.  The electronic text also allows for simple navigation and searching, and the online format enhances accessibility.

There are brief quizzes at the end of each lesson (found in your SLIM TLC Program Materials, downloadable when you join SLIM TLC Online), which will ensure that you learn the most important principles.  If you are doing SLIM TLC with your doctor, take the quiz corresponding to each lesson, and take the completed quizzes and all your other materials with you to each office visit.

Curriculum (links work for SLIM TLC Online members)

    1. Orientation to TLC University
    2. Exploding The 4:1 Rule
    3. The SLIM TLC Map
    4. The Ultimate Magic Pill (includes Metabolava)
    5. Might as Well Face that I’m Addicted to Whatever
    6. Committing Planticide:  How to Kill a Plant So It Will Return the Favor
    7. Meal Planning the SLIM TLC Way
    8. Freaks of Nature:  My Metabolism Is Frozen and other Urban Legends
    9. The Chinese Insanity Test
    10. Checking Your Fuel Gauge
    11. Eating Out the 4:1 Way
    12. The 3½ True Magic Pills to Weight Loss
    13. Diet Is a Four-Letter Word
    14. It’s Emotional!  The Role of Stress and Depression
    15. Surviving the Snack Attack
    16. Taking SLIM TLC on the Road
    17. Navigating the Holidays
    18. Oh, the Diseases You’ll Prevent!
    19. Get Your Vitamin Zzzzz
    20. Hidden Calories
    21. The Desert Isle
    22. Product Labels
    23. The Giant Fat Organ
    24. The Ten Weight Loss Commandments